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At Duma Manzi Eco-Lodge & Spa, guests are able to restore the balance to mind, body and soul of what life’s stresses deplete.

Duma Manzi Eco-Lodge & Spa is a unique African Wilderness Sanctuary combining nature, wildlife, prolific bird life, a large diversity of fauna and flora, lodge activities, an ambience of simplicity and elegance and holistic Eco-Spa treatments to refresh your senses.

The only thing you will find stressful during your time with us will be the selection of choices. Whether you want to indulge in one of our holistic Spa treatments, leisurely walks along the river bank, embark on one of our advanced self guided or guided trails, or mountain bike and explore, the choice is there for you to make.

Game Drives
Take a drive with one of our knowledgeable field guides to explore the African Wilderness and Wildlife in all its diversity. Stop either along the river or on one of our lookout decks and experience the beauty of an African Sunset. Our drives encompass all of nature: its Fauna, Flora, Majestic scenery and sunsets.

Self-Guided Walks
With our self-guided trails, you are invited to enjoy breath-taking scenery at your own pace. Our varied terrain provides a myriad of opportunities ranging from casual walks along the river bank, or up the gentle slope of the hill behind the lodge, to a more adventurous trail to the cliffs along the river.

Guided Walks
Feel the morning dew, hear the rustle of the African Wilderness bush and catch the scent of fresh giraffe dung as you quietly stalk a herd of grazing Impala, camera in hand. Sharpen your senses and feel the pulse of the African Wilderness while learning from your guide the intimate secrets of the bush. For a more strenuous walk, there is a beautiful trail to the waterfall within the reserve. Stop along the way and cool off in one of the clear pools in the stream.

Duma Manzi Eco Spa Pure Indulgence ... for your Soul and Senses. The perfect place where soul and body find refreshment.

Registered with Birdlife SA, Duma Manzi is a Birder’s Paradise. The bird life is prolific with over 350 bird species recorded. Among the “specials” on the bird list are: African Fish Eagle, Cape Vulture, Crowned Eagle, Martial Eagle, Ground Hornbill, Narina Trogon and Purple Crested Tauroco (Loerie).

A variety of indigenous and alien fish occur in the Mkomazi River: Carp, sharp tooth catfish (barbel), carp (alien), KwaZulu Natal Yellow fish, African mottled eel and chubby-head barb. Guests are welcome to bring their own rods or hire one of ours, and try their hand at fishing.

Star Gazing
Guests can enjoy a star gazing evening as part of the African bush experience. Your guide can give you some insight into not only the Greek mythology with the stars, but also the Zulu folklores, most of which are long forgotten.

Butterfly and Frogging
A fun filled activity, especially enjoyed by children, due to the wide variety of butterfly species are seen in the woodlands and high lying grasslands, as well as a wide variety of frog species are found in the reserve.

Pure Relaxation
If its relaxation you’re after, simply curl up with a good book on one of the couches on the deck or on your private pool lounger.

Arts and Leisure
Duma Manzi Eco Lodge & Spa is the ideal sanctuary to appreciate the moment and beauty in nature. Experience elegant and tranquil leisure with a unique Art & Soul Series, designed to accentuate the vast and essential interests of passionate living- rare, immersive and authentic experiences only found at Duma Manzi Eco Lodge & Spa. Our Arts & Leisure series involves artists, authors, guest speakers and culinary professionals. Duma Manzi Eco Lodge & Spa Arts & Leisure series was founded on our philosophy and commitment to enrich lifestyles and memorable guest experiences.